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Say Aloha to Lola Lo, one of the most buzzing tiki bars in Brighton and a real hoot for cocktails and dancing just shy of The Lanes. 

Take a trip to paradise with a night at Lola Lo as their tiki theme reigns supreme. From puffer fish lampshades and bamboo clad furniture to Hawaiian shirt clad bar staff and floral Lei's upon your arrival, Lola Lo don't do the Southern Pacific by halves. From a main dance floor surrounded by VIP tiki booths to two different bars and party booths, Lola Lo is a fun filled destination all week long.

Now then, you weren't thinking about heading to a tiki bar in Brighton without having a whirl on their selection of creative cocktails and exotic concoctions now were you? If you're not lapping up one of Lola Lo's tiki mugs including famous Moai infused with lemon for a citrus taste or their vanilla syrup encased Blue Bounty, you and your party group might find yourselves supping a cocktail sharer for four; arriving in treasure chests and Easter Island stone heads alike. Great for group parties, student nights and birthdays alike, there are drinks offers at Lola Lo all week round.