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Lola Lo is different in that it’s a fun, flirty Tiki bar that seamlessly transcends from daytime into evening. Whether you’re planning a big night with the girls or just fancy a taste of paradise, we’ve got something for you!

Housed in The Old Post Office building in the city centre, the 800-capacity bar will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until the early hours.

Split over two floors, it has 2 DJ booths and a spacious dance floor on the first level where people can dance away the night to contemporary and classic club beats.

With razor fine attention to detail, the venue is decorated with bamboo and woodcarvings along with unusual objects like wooden masks, puffer fish, bamboo and palm trees… And a lot of parrots!

There’s a dressing up box which is a treasure trove of fun! Packed full of Tiki inspired items that people can get dressed up in for the night- from leis to hats, to oversized sunglasses, and grass skirts. There’s something to help you get that tropical feeling!

Our vivacious staff will tend to your needs, as they create the perfect cocktails to whisk you off to the Polynesian Party Paradise, where the party goes on and on!