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Hangover Brunch -  (Untitled (1).jpg)

Saturday 16 December

Hangover Brunch

It's the morning after the night before and you can't remember much about your MAD FRIDAY night out apart from some seriously bad dancing and flirting with Carol from accounts. 

It's ok! We have all been there! It's time to get up, dressed and head to Lola Lo for a much needed pizza brunch.

You have until the New Year before you have to face Carol again!

Book your table here.

SLAY -  (Design - Untitled.jpg)

Saturday 16 December


Put on your best dress on, round up the quad and head to Lola Lo! 

Dance the night away to all your favourite song. 

Book a table and enjoy the VIP tiki experience. 

SURFIN SANTA -  (surfin santa.jpg)

Saturday 23 December


It's the Saturday before Christmas and Santas heading to the beach! 

We are throwing a Christmas beach party and you're all invited! 

Santa like to party hard after a few tequilas so used this to get those last minute requests in to him!

BOXING DAY -  (boxing day.jpg)

Tuesday 26 December


We are so happy that Boxing Day falls on a Tuesday this year as it means you get to spend at your favourite Manchester Tuesday night! 

Boxing Day means one thing ... FANCY DRESS! 

Be creative. Be original. Be FABULOUS!