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Aloha Beach Party 02-05-2019 -  (2 May - Aloha Beach party.jpg)

Thursday 2 May

Aloha Beach Party

Aloha! Prepare yourself for some May Madness in Manchester! 

Still feeling the effects of hump day? Then join us at Lola Lo for our blissful and banging Beach Party, hosted by Voodoo events. Hula today (and hump day!) away with tiki-inspired drinks and sultry soundtracks.


£3.50 double vodka

£2 Tequila or Sambuca

2-4-1 cocktails 5-9PM


£3.95 dbl vodka red bull,

£50 Smirnoff bottle,

£1.5 Jagerbomb

£2.95 selected cocktails (Zombie, Blue Lagoon and Sex on the Beach).

Make sure you add yourself to the guestlist to receive £1 entry before 10:30pm! 


Opening times: 17:00 - late