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Beats 'n' Bunnies 20.04.2019 (1) -  (Untitled design.jpg)

Saturday 20 April

Beats 'n' Bunnies

Bounce like bunnies with our Beats 'n' Bunnies night! Pre-dusk cocktails and post-dawn antics are a given this Easter at Lola Lo so embrace this extravagant event and dance the night away to seriously sultry songs and tiki-inspired cocktails.


£3 Jagerbomb 10pm-midnight

£9.95 bottle of Prosecco 10pm-midnight

2-4-1 cocktails 5pm-midnight 

The dress code for the evening is chic (with a touch of glam) and if you want to be really (easter) extra, why not pop on a pair of bunny ears!.