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BOOM 08-04-2019 -  (boom 727x660.jpg)

Monday 8 April


If you love weird and wonderful join us for BOOM Mondays...! 

Hosted in our little tiki paradise, what more could you modern day students want? 


£3.50 double vodka

£2 Tequila or Sambuca

2-4-1 cocktails 5-9PM


£3.95 dbl vodka red bull,

£50 Smirnoff bottle,

£1.5 Jagerbom and £2.95 selected cocktails (Zombie, Blue Lagoon and Sex on the Beach).

Your student loan will go untouched! 

Add your party to our guestlist and receive £1 entry before 11pm. 

Opening times: 17:00 - late