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Manchester & Salford Graduation After Party 2019 -  (65387125_478205989388691_4308311110848610304_o.jpg)

Tuesday 16 July

Manchester & Salford Graduation After Party 2019

Yes, you’ve finally done it! After for some 3, some, or maybe even more years! But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that YOU WILL be GRADUATING this TUESDAY 16th JULY 2019!

And just before you leave this bubble of being a Student and embark into the real world (unless you’ll be doing a Masters etc. of course), how else best to CELEBRATE with your peers for one LAST TIME at the MANCHESTER GRADUATION AFTERPARTY!

I know you’ve been waiting and here are the details below!

♛♛♛ WHERE ♛♛♛

As it is a Tuesday night in Manchester and not during Term Time, there is literally nowhere else to go out and open till late! Which means that EVERYONE will be coming here!

SO LOLA LO MANCHESTER is the best place and it’s going to be SICK!

♛♛♛ TIME ♛♛♛
✯ 22:00 to 03:00

✯ £3 Double Vodka!
✯ £2 Single Vodka!
✯ £2 Sambuca or Tequila!
✯ 2-4-1 Cocktails all night!

♥ ♥ ♥ Tickets available now on the link below! ♥ ♥ ♥

Your tickets will be handed to you by a Rep right after your Graduation ceremony!

★ Remember: Please bring Proof of Age ID (Driver's License/Passport) on the night! ★