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st patrick's day -  (St Patricks Day  2.jpg)

Tuesday 17 March

St. Patrick's Day

 Déjà vu events host St. Patrick's Day at Lola Lo and it’s all about the music, feel good vibes and of course, MANCHESTER!

Let's celebrate our epic city whether you’re a new student or a local along with it's wonderful people every Tuesday.


Double vodka £3.50

Sambuca/Tequila £2.95

Loyal offers

Jagerbomb - £1.95

Blackfire Tequila - £1.50

Bottle of Smirnoff - £50

Vodka & Redbull (Double Smirnoff Vodka & Can of Red Bull) - £3.95

Tropical Rumbull (Double Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Can of Tropical Red Bull) - £3.95

Selected Cocktails (Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon & Zombie) - £2.95

Selected Cocktail Sharers (Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon & Zombie) - £9.95

Opening times: 17:00 – late