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Summer Stories After Party 13-06-2019 -  (bief.JPG)

Thursday 13 June

Big Miz Summer Stories After Party

Introducing Club Tropicana! Every Thursday night in Hawaiian paradise at Lola Lo! 
A night of everyone's favorite classics! Burn your books and join us in Lola Lo Reading for our Reading week special!
Drinks Offers Single Vodka Mixer - £2.50 Double Vodka Mixer - £4 J-Bomb (With Loyalty Card) - £1.50 VK - £2 Bottled Beer - £2 Selected Shots £.150
ENTRY £5 Guestlist Before 11PM £5 Advanced Ticket from a Vice Rep £6 Other
Get in contact with the POP! team
Twitter: @POPReading
Facebook: ‘Pop Reading’
Opening times: 22:00 - -3:00