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Aloha students… We have a lot of amazing events coming up just for you, from themed nights to giveaways, and we would love it if you could come along! However, we understand that you are on a budget, which is why we have re-vamped our Loyal App and added more tasty treats that we promise won't break the bank!

Loyal Offers!

Jagerbomb - £1.95

Blackfire Tequila - £1.50

Bottle of Smirnoff - £50

Vodka & Redbull (Double Smirnoff Vodka & Can of Red Bull) - £3.95

Tropical Rumbull (Double Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Can of Tropical Red Bull) - £3.95

Selected Cocktails (Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon & Zombie) - £2.95

Selected Cocktail Sharers (Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon & Zombie) - £9.95


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