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A wonderful blend between Polynesian culture and the swinging vibes of the early 20th century in the United States, Lola Lo has become one of Bristol's most popular clubs. Beautifully decorated and boasting an incredible drinks menu, it offers guests an evening they won't forget anytime soon.

The venue itself is wonderfully constructed. With the words 'Aloha' painted across the entrance, it's clear the type of vibe this club is going for. The bar is beautifully made up of pale bambo trunks, and the Pacific Island heads that's pop up all over the place really brings a level of authenticity to this club. Adding to this, the artistic, paper lamp shades, vintage lamps and colourfully painted walls brings the entire joint to life.

Adding to this Tiki feel, the bar's exotic drinks are something to behold. Flared together by their expert team of mixologists, these vibrant concoctions combine the finest spirits with the freshest spices and fruits juices. Completing the package, all their creations are served in idyllic glasses. From miniature heads to the classic jam jar, their choice of glassware will leave you feeling as if you're on a beach in the Pacific, watching as the Polynesian waves crash and drag themselves across the white sand.


67 Queens Road,

Clifton Triangle,




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Phone: 0203 475 2278


Monday | Available for Private Hire 

Tuesday | 22:00-03:30

Wednesday | Available for Private Hire 

Thursday | 22:00-03:30

Friday | 22:00-03:30 

Saturday | 21:00-04:00

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